PSVE Student completes two-week stint of job placement at the New Government Building

Student Jodian Mc Donald recently completed a two-week job-placement stint at the receptionist of the New Government Building. The PSVE student who also worked at the Public Service Center (PSC) branch in Simpson bay recently, has been praised for her outgoing attitude, professionalism, and exceptional work ethics.

In the function of receptionist (under the auspices of PSC), Ms. Mc Donald’s tasks were to welcome and coordinate guests on behalf of the cabinets of the Council of Ministers and provide assistance to government employees with regard to personnel matters just to name a few.

Over the last two years, the Public Service Center Department has been working with various secondary schools on St. Maarten. Selected students are placed regularly at the department for a period of time and upon completion are evaluated on specific competencies. This evaluation is then used as a basis to stimulate the student’s personal and academic development.

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Silveria Jacobs also highly commends Ms. Mc. Donald’s efforts and noted that she was a very helpful, pleasant and welcoming person at the front desk. The Minister was happy to learn that government agencies and departments, outside of our BOP program, are giving our youth the opportunity to gain much needed work experience in the form of internships. The coordinators at PSC and the school must also be applauded for their input in Jodian’s preparation to handle the real world of work.

Student Mc Donald stated that she was happy for the opportunity to work at the New Government Building.  She was able to learn a great deal during this time and most importantly develop new relationships.

“We welcome the opportunity to be contribute to the formal development of these students” said Department Head Emilia Connor-Thomas. Management would like to thank Miss Zen, coordinator at PSVE for her mentorship and assistance in providing some the school’s finest students.