Government of Sint Eustatius, Members of the Island Council of Sint Eustatius,

Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the peoples of Bonaire that are united with the Statian people’s struggle’s to the right to self-determination, we congratulates you with the decision in your council to seek full autonomy in free association with the Netherlands within the Kingdom according to the referendum results and the wishes of the Statian people’s.


Your outreach towards the international community for support and acquiring the services of the international expert adviser on democratic governance Dr Corbin together with other relevant advisers and in consultations with the people of Statia is a most valuable action to move your self-determination process forward in the right direction according to international law and United  Nations self-governance resolutions and standards.


Today, at this end of this year, we are celebrating with your people’s of Statia this mayor step towards realization of your rightful acquired and inherited self-determination and human rights to be free and equal and we could not envisaged a better moment for this message of hope to the people of Satia and may all your wishes  realize in 2017.


With best regards,


James Finies,  Nos Ke Boneiru Bek