Time to reflect;

Let’s us reflect on the true meaning on what the Christmas celebration means to most of us here in St. Maarten. Over the years we have seen the St. Maarten celebration of the Christmas season catapult like all celebrations over the world and it has become nothing more than a big commercial activity. Our people look forward to the Christmas season to receive gifts and in many cases to give gifts to those we care about. It is also a time when we want to prepare our best food, baked the most delicious cakes, the puddings, the tarts and our local drinks to share with those we know. We have also enjoyed the serenading of musicians at our homes, but this has also disappeared over the years. We have deviated so much from the true meaning of the birth of Christ. Therefore it is time that we reflect on the true meaning of the birth of Christ in order to bring things back into the right perspective. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This celebration is about the coming of God to earth in human form to save mankind from sin and eternal death. We must reflect on the way we are living and how we treat our fellow brothers and sisters. And while our hearts open even more to share with many during this festive season we must be willing to do more for our unfortunate fellow man all year round. For what good is it if those unfortunate can eat and drink plentiful during this time of the year but has gone hungry and without proper clothing during the earlier part of the year. The true St. Maarten spirit has always been to share the little you have with each other. It is time that we reflect on the purpose of our lives here on this earth and prepare to care for our fellow neighbors not only during these festive times but during the entire year.