Claire’s detention

The Board of the Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU) would like to make the following statement in regard to the continued detention of our President Mrs. Claire Elshot-Aventurin:


The Board has been keeping close tabs on the situation. In addition, we have established contact with Mrs. Elshot via her lawyer, and Mrs. Elshot – via a written statement to our Vice President – emphatically denied the charges levied against her.


“I trust that the investigation will show clearly that I, Claire Elshot-Aventurin, is innocent…My reputation of being calm and composed throughout meetings and using ‘social dialogue’ as the tool to reach any and all tangible solutions, is being violated,” Mrs. Elshot stated.


She further said: “I didn’t in any way write that post nor have I given anybody permission to do that…I have led my union with integrity and respect.”


We, the Board of WITU, are strongly advocating for Claire Elshot to be released from detention, taking into consideration all the persons who depend on her leadership, and for the investigation to have its due course, and for justice to be served.


We ask that you keep her in your prayers during this trying time, and pray that she is released as soon as possible.



On behalf of the board of WITU,


Corinne Lejuez-VanPutten

Vice President of WITU