Miss Mature Brings Christmas Cheer to Paediatric Ward

Miss Mature Carnival Queen 2016; Norrisa Anatol, visited the St. Maarten Medical Center on Saturday 10th December, 2016 to ignite the Christmas holiday spirit. Anatol provided an 8ft Christmas tree and decorations to the staff and patients at the center’s Paediatric Ward so they too can celebrate the holidays in the confines of their environment. “I believe that Christmas is about love and sharing with others. What is most important to me is promoting and participating in the magic and wonder that children find in Christmas,” Anatol stated.

Along with Team Rissa, Anatol decorated the tree with red and silver accessories while interacting with the staff and patients. In addition to the decorated tree, the staff got an extra surprise when Anatol brought the festive spirit into their office and decorated it. Upon completion, Anatol officially presented the decorated tree to the staff and patients “We have the best Christmas tree! Thank you so much for thinking of us at this time,” Registered Nurse Shana Holaman stated.

“I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the management and staff of the St. Maarten Medical Center for allowing me to carry out this thoughtful gesture and Tony’s Air-conditioning Services for your contribution,” Anatol concluded.