Social & Health Insurances SZV has commenced its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey forms part of SZV’s strategic goals, where the organization aims to continuously improve customer experience and communication with its customers, stakeholders and the public. This year the survey will be digital for three target groups; customers/general public, employers and health care providers. Filling in the survey only takes a few minutes, customers and the public can access the survey directly via the website of SZV on the Customer Service page, via SZV’s Facebook page or directly via The opportunity to take part in the survey will be available until January 13th, 2017.



In 2015, the survey resulted in data from over 1200 respondents and scored SZV ‘marginal’ in the execution of its services as it relates to social and health insurances and policies. This year, SZV seeks to obtain feedback from a larger group of respondents. Data collected last year enabled SZV to further focus on the development of key processes and confirmed the objectives of the Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018.


The feedback and recommendations obtained from the survey of 2015 directly resulted in new services and improved services at SZV. These include; the launch of a new ‘customer focused’ website featuring frequently asked questions, online appointment request option, information on yearly premium percentages and wage limits and applicable laws, Walk-in Wednesday: where every Wednesday persons can request or re-new their insurance without an appointment, speed-lane services for employers, social media information sharing, training sessions for Health care providers, medical referral drop off service and developments in the electronic exchange of information with General practitioners.


The recommendations of the 2015 survey, by all target groups also stated that SZV should host (more) information sessions; to this SZV hosted various sessions for employers and healthcare providers in 2016 and will host a public information session on Thursday December 8th for the general public themed; SZV and Your Pension benefits. This session will be hosted at the University of St. Maarten in Philipsburg and will start at 6:30 p.m.


At present, SZV is in the pilot stages of various new programs aimed at improving communication and administrative efficiency with its employer and health care provider target groups. These involve the digitalization and automation of numerous processes that are reliant on each other but also have an impact on the service offering to the insured, the employees, and reimbursements of medical claims. Employers and health care providers will also take part in a separate Customer Satisfaction Survey, which will also be digital. The results of the surveys are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2017.