Minister Jacobs visits the Carnival Vista with the students and staff of NIPA

Minister Jacobs alongside the culinary art students and faculty of the NIPA visited the Carnival Vista cruise vessel on Thursday, November 24th. The visit was an educational visit for the culinary art students of the NIPA. The students were exposed to the operations of the food and beverage industry of the cruise line. Brendan Mooney, the Food Operations manager of the Carnival Vista led the students and faculty on the tour. The students were very enthusiastic about employment aboard the cruise vessel. Mr. Pierre Camilleri, the Hotel Director of the Carnival Vista, informed the students that at the moment, the Caribbean does not have a representative for the Carnival Cruise line, however, once one has been appointed, hiring will be an easier process for the Caribbean islands. The Minister was very impressed by the students’ eager- and willingness to be employed aboard the cruise.