Release and conditional release for suspects in backstreet fight

The Judge of Instruction on Wednesday November 16, 2016 suspended the pre-trial detention of two of the four suspects arrested on November 11, 2016 after a fight broke out involving several persons at an address on Backstreet. The four arrested persons are suspected of public violence, resisting arrest and one of them of theft .

The prolonged custody of the suspects N.Z.V.G. (33) and L.G. (46) with eight (8) more days, was suspended on the condition that they remain available for the relevant judicial entities and give full cooperation to the ongoing investigation. Also they are also not allowed to have any contact with J.J.G.D or his family.

The two other suspects S.J.V.M. (35) and S.G. (52) were released from detention. They had a minor role in the fight that broke out. They remain suspects in the ongoing investigation.