Minister Jacobs attends the St. Maarten Brown Pelican Sports Awards ceremony

The Second Annual Sint Maarten Brown Pelican Sports Awards ceremony, honoring local athletes and sporting legends was held on November 13th, at Princess Port de Plaisance under the tent. The SBPSA was the initiative of the Sports Department and hosted by the Minister of Sports, Silveria Jacobs. Other invited guests in attendance were His Exellency Governor E. Holiday, President of Parliament Claret Connor, and MP Ardwell Irion. The board members of the NSI and St. Maarten Olympic Sports Federation were also in attendance and formed part of the committee.


This year’s ceremony highlighted St. Maarten’s football (soccer) legends, including the 11 Brothers football team, Mr. Jean Pierre Roumou, Irving Esdaille, Ernie Rombley, and Austin Brooks were recognized and honored at the ceremony. A few of the members of the 11 Brothers encouraged the young sporting individuals to “train as much and as hard as you can to represent St. Maarten to the best of your ability.”


The winners in each category are as follows:


Best overall: Crossfit Axaylum

Best sponsor: Nagico

Best coach: Edsel Romney

International ambassador: Keacy Carty

Best sport organization: Tri Sport

Sporting innovations: Fittest on the Rock

Sport Icon: Marco London

Best sporting school: St. Maarten Academy

Athlete of the year (male): Keacy Carty

Athlete of the year (female): Melissa Bardfield


The Minister of Sports, Silveria Jacobs, mentioned that the department of sports foresaw the awards ceremony. “We aim to honor those who contribute to the development of sports on St. Maarten and those who have made it what it is and allowed us to have sports at this time,” the Minister said.


According to the minister, although some of the current athletes may have felt looked over, she wanted those to know that as the department of sports alongside the, NSI, and the Federation of Sports continues to grow, “we will get there.”


The Minister encouraged the sporting organizations to get the information to the sports department in order for the individuals to be honored. Too many times, the Minister and the department of sports are made aware of sporting events after the fact. With better communication and collaboration between organizations and the NSI, Olympic Sports Federations and Sports Department more awareness will come about who the outstanding athletes are and what they are doing locally, regionally and internationally and these statistics will be used to back up the nominations. The Ministry ECYS continues to strive to improve in our communication to the public and our organizations, enabling our St. Maarten athletes, coaches, officials, sponsors and organizations to get the recognition they deserve.


Congratulations were in order to all the nominees and the ultimate winners. “Just know, by being called upon and even those whose names were not called, you are already winners, for having taken that effort to train hard, work hard, and compete in your chosen sport,” Minister Jacobs added.


The Minister of Sports presented the award for the male and female athlete of the year.