Pretrial hearing research “Drum” on December 9

The Public Prosecutor Office (OM) BES will issue the suspects in the investigation “Drum” the subpoena for the pretrial hearing to be held on December 9, 2016, at 09.30 hours. The lawyers of the suspects have been informed already about this planning. The summons will be issued in the foreseeable future and delivered to the defendants.

The pretrial session on December 9 is a so-called “pro-forma” session. The case will not be treated with substance. The facts and the evidence will not be discussed with the suspects during this court session. It is customary that the defendants and their lawyers have the opportunity during this court hearing to ask for additional investigation if needed. The request will be decided by the court.

Seven suspects are in custody in the investigation “Drum”. The investigation is still ongoing and there is now a much better idea what happened during the evening of August 17 during the armed robbery and subsequent shooting incident, were police officer Ferry Bakx was shot and killed. At present, the investigation is in a stage wherein, for example, the colleagues of Bakx must be heard in order to further complement the image of all the events. This examination and any resulting research activities will be conducted at the request of the Public Prosecutor and the Police Corps Caribbean Netherlands (KPCN) by the Dutch state investigation department (Rijksrecherche). The Rijksrecherche will be part of the entire “Drum” investigation.

Both the prosecution and the KPCN believe that there should arise no doubt about the objectivity in the investigation “Drum”. This is why when it comes to action by members of KPCN, the Rijksrecherche acts as the investigative authority.