Minister Jacobs attends various high schools Pre- St. Maarten’s Day events

The Honorable Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs attended two high schools Pre- St. Maarten’s Day celebrations on November 10th, namely, the St. Maarten Academy PSVE and the Sundial School.


At the St. Maarten Academy PSVE School, the Minister addressed the students and teachers. The Minister informed the student that whether they were born on or born to be on St. Maarten and have a love in their hearts for St. Maarten, tomorrow is their day also. “It doesn’t matter where you were born, it matter where your heart lies. Do you have a heart for St. Maarten? Do you love St. Maarten? Is St. Maarten providing you with opportunities to be a better person? You may not have chosen to be here, but you are here,” the Minister said.


Mr. Roberto Arrindell, advisor to the PSVE school board, was also in attendance at the St. Maarten Academy PSVE Pre- St. Maarten’s Day Celebrations.


St. Maarten is an island that promotes unity, love, and the ability to care for everyone. Everyone is welcome, but we must know [what St. Maarten is], know some of the dances, poets, musicians, and artists from back in the day, as well as today.


The Minister had the students repeat a chant, indicating “I AM St. Maarten, I AM strong, I Will be always fighting, I WILL survive, and I Will be successful.” Minister Jacobs also informed the students about St. Maarten’s history, as it was once called “the land of salt” and “Oualichi, the land of strong women.”


Lastly the Minister congratulated the staff and students on a well-put together and positive program. She also wished everyone a happy St. Maarten’s Day and encouraged everyone to eat, dance, celebrate, sing and have fun, but to also do all of those with unity and love.



The celebrations at the Sundial school included the Calypso tent and Soca competition with special guest performances from King James, Rick da Fox, and Magic. The mentors also had a “best costume”. A panel of three judges judged each performance and costume.


Present were the SG of Ministry ECYS, Jorien Wuite and Head of Culture Department, Mr. Neville York