President of Parliament Claret Connor Sint Maarten/Saint Martin’s Day 2016 Message

My fellow Sint Maarten/St.Martiners,

As we assemble together once again this year on November 11th, to commemorate our national day, let us ponder for a moment on how far we have come as a country.

As we look back, we can truly recognize the numerous achievements we have made thus far. We should pride ourselves that as a young country, we are making bold steps in order to ensure that our “Sweet St. Maarten’s land” remains the jewels of the Caribbean.

We must be mindful of the fact however, that building a nation or the course of national development is an ongoing process. And before this process can fully come to fruition, we must ensure that our executive, legislative and judicial systems though independent, are fully functioning to a level where our people will be able to benefit and be provided with opportunities that will fuel a better quality of life.

We must be also mindful that St. Maarten just like every other country in development will face many, many challenges. The focus of our governing process as well as our constitutional stance irrevocably concludes that we are committed to the strengthening of our institutions in order to manage our affairs. We must remain vigilant in our endeavors however. We must continue to work diligently and responsibly to build upon our accomplishments with the foundations that have been established.

On this St. Maarten/St. Martin’s day, let us continue our quest for a more resilient country; one that that continues to harvest through the peaceful cooperation and in the true essence of friendship, which has been solidified over the past centuries by our forefathers.

Let us in the process of nation building remain a people of hope, a people of optimism, and a people who are committed to propelling our nation forward in a collective manner. Let us remain true to the precepts of Christian values and principles and never lose sight of our vision as a people.

On behalf of the Parliament of St. Maarten, I wish to extend a very safe and Happy Sint Maarten/St. Martin’s Day to all. May it be a memorable one for you and your family as we celebrate our patriotism in reverent togetherness.

May God continue to bless our beloved St. Maarten/St Martin.


Claret M.M. Connor

President of Parliament