JCI LIVE holds it first official General membership meeting on 26th October,2016 at the University of St. Martin.

JCI LIVE Soualiga is now the newest chapter that is fully affiliated with JCI Dutch Caribbean (D.C.) which took place on Aruba at the (D.C) National Convention on the 14, October 2016.

The conference entailed Leadership Training, Forum, National Meetings, Elections and installation of the National Board for 2017 at the Convention on the 15, November 2016. The conference consisted of four islands and nine chapters, Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba and St. Maarten.

Seven chapters voted for the JCI LIVE Soualiga’s fully affiliation, Bonaire is still in the provisional status and JCI Aruba had no voting rights this year, however they still share their blessings and looking forward in working together with us.

The provisional status of the leadership team was for period of one year dating from last year October 2015. We have organized a few sustainable projects such as  Voice of the Nation (VoN) and trainings such as Parliamentary Procedure Training and other leadership development programs that benefits the community in bringing unity with results of great impact.The drivers have been motivated by its achievements and now are very pleased with the recognition internationally.

JCI LIVE Soualiga  bid to host the Mid-Year Conference in June 2018 on the island St. Maarten.

This Global Leadership and Development Organization is happy to serve the community.

We welcome all partners and corporate sponsors to support JCI LIVE Soualiga’s in its endeavours for community impact, branding  and global recognition, working together for a better world.