Celia Fernandes Pedra resigns from the board of the Guardianship Council CN

The board of the Guardianship Council CN visited the Bonairian branch for their annual face-to-face meeting. Board members Mrs. Patricia Linzey and Mrs. Helen Hassell from Saba, Mrs. Sharda Baboe and Mr. Granville Hassell from Sint Eustatius, Mrs. Celia Fernades Pedra and Mrs. Ally Pourier from Bonaire were all present.


The board had an important topic to discuss namely the resignation of the current chairman of the board, Mrs. Celia Fernandes Pedra. She will resign on the January 1st, 2017 after 30 years of service to the Guardianship Council. She has contributed significantly to the development of the organization. Her efforts are much appreciated. She’s known for working tirelessly to look after the interests of the target group of the Guardianship Council and its employees. She is a true pioneer who has shown that she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and face the challenges ahead. Together with Esther Pourier-Thodé, former director of the Guardianship Council CN, she defended the interest of the organization in the period before and after 10-10-10. The Guardianship Council officially bid her a fond farewell by throwing her a surprise party at home on October 24th, 2016. The current team of the Guardian Council gave her two turtle sculptures, since Celia is very charmed by these diving symbols of the island. One of the turtles is slightly smaller in size, representing the nurturing bond between both turtles.


Mrs. Ally Pourier has unanimously been chosen to take on the chairmanship of the Guardian Council CN. She too is a dedicated member of the council that is familiar with the sector and the history of the organization. Supported by the unanimous decision, she has officially accepted her new position. As January 1st,of 2017 she will be the new chairman of the Guardianship Council CN.


Curvin George, the director of the Guardianship Council CN, is happy with the current board. The board members of Saba and St. Eustatius show a lot of commitment to the cause. Mrs. Sharda Baboe is a doctor (and general practitioner at GGD) and cares for the well-being of children on the island.

Mr. Granville Hassell, who is working as a quality advisor in the field of health care and care-instructor, is involved with the youth on St. Eustatius. Helen Hassell is a remedial teacher on Saba and Patricia Linzey recently retired. She used to be a civil servant for the Public Entity of Saba and now works for the same school as Helen Hassell. Altogether, a board with a lot of experience and knowledge. The board of the Guardianship Council CN is currently looking  for a new board member for Bonaire.