Objection to the first reading and process for embedding, annexation and incorporation of Bonaire and the BES islands in the Constitution

Dear Minister Plasterk, Mr President Broekrs-Knol and members of the 1st Chamber,


Through this I draw your attention to note my previous letter dated October 18, 2016 addressed to your Chamber and the Minister on the bills 33131, 34341 Public Entities Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. Here we warn you that you are planning to; violating the self-determination rights, violating human rights, violating principles of rule of law and democracy of the peoples of Bonaire and St. Eustatius, who have rejected the current state structure in various referendums in 2014 and 2015.


You are expected to recognize the international recognition of the self-determination of the Bonerian peoples and that this right is not accessory to Dutch politicians and administrators and nevertheless to Bonairean politicians and administrators, but belong specifically to the people of Bonaire (and St. Eustatius).


Nevertheless is your previous alibi that our people themselves have chosen for this in 2004, this illegal status and trajectory, the content of integration into your constitution, is since 18 December 2015 outdated, so our people did not themselves have chosen this and clearly and convincingly rejected with 5040 No-vote, representing 65% of 62% of valid votes.


All previously (i) legal attempts to legalize this state structure have so far defaulted and had no democratic or legal basis:


        misleading referendum information campaign of 2004, with voters of minors (16years) and immigrants with work permits mainly guest-workers without Dutch nationality and without historical bond and against the advice of the United Nations Mission

        single-handed destruction of the legitimate referendum-law of the people’s representatives of Bonaire, the island council in 2010 by your undemocratic appointed lt. governor Thode and governor Goedgedrag against the advice of the United Nations and on unfounded reason because for self determination-referendum voters-eligibility may be deviated from the local island council election, and that there is international jurisprudence consists of 20 years of residency to guarantee histocrical ties

        the rejection of the Bonerians people in December 2010 referendum on the question: “I agree that Bonaire has become a public entity within the meaning of Article 134 of the Dutch Constitution” and conspiration and withholding or non-raport of United Nations supervision mission

        the complete rejection and non-participation (80%) of the Bonerian people (and St. Eustatius) to the 2nd Chamber elections in 2012, which objective was to legalize this illegal status by voluntarily participation in your democratic process (without any democratic perspective : 16million Dutch vs. 16thousand Bonerians)

        December 18, 2015 referendum rejection by 5040, 65% of the votes entitled to 62%, no-votes on the question: Do you agree with the interpretation given to the direct link with the Netherlands?


Thereby there is no legal and democratic constitutional basis to annexing the people of Bonaire and St. Eustatius and integrate them in your Dutch constitution and violating their self-determination (res.2625, 1514, 1541) and human rights, and I will not respect nor recognize your decision and hereby I, Serrio James Finies born July 13, 1964 on Bonaire, and the other 5039 no-voters and democratic decision and rejection of the population of St. Eustatius, formally objects to this decision of disrespecting and violating my and the peoples of Bonaire and St. Eustatius fundamental rights.