Jas Bryan-Labega elevated to Senior Advisor, and Erno Labega elected as 2nd Vice President of WBO {World Boxing Organization}

During the Elections at the annual convention of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jacinth (Jas) Bryan-Labega was elevated from 2nd Vice President to Senior Advisor of the organization after sitting on the Executive Board for 28 years.   She maintains her full privileges on the Executive Board of the organization.  Jas, a co-founder of the WBO in 1988, and a member of the Executive Board ever since, was given a special honors and recognition for her service and contributions to the international championship boxing community.  She became a Champion of Boxing herself when presented with the specially designed Championship Belt Plaque in the presence of over 30 represented countries, as well as numerous world boxing champions, promoters, managers and many of the world’s renowned championship referees and judges.  Jas expressed her gratitude to the organization for the recognition and promised to continue her support and commitment to the sport for as long as she is able.

Her nephew, Erno Labega who has been at her side from the inception of the WBO, was unanimously elected as 2nd Vice President of WBO and began his tenure on the Executive Board immediately.  Erno continues his rise in the boxing world, having served as a member of the board of the North American Boxing Organization (NABO), a regional arm of WBO representing North America, Canada and the Caribbean.  He is no stranger to the international boxing community, having been actively involved in most of the conventions worldwide, and co-supervised many championship fights with Jas on behalf of the organization.  His new role as 2nd VP will require his supervision of world boxing championship fights on behalf of the WBO when assigned.

Jas and Erno have proudly served St. Maarten in the world boxing arena and our country can be assured that they will continue to make St. Maarten proud.