Gas explosion in home on Saba

On Monday October 24th at approximately 11.30 AM Police on Saba received a report of a loud explosion in a residence on Samuel Charles street no. 8 in The Bottom.  Police and Fire Department were dispatched to the scene.  The Fire Department entered the dwelling and concluded that the loud sound was the result of a gas explosion. Police, fire fighters and the ambulance services transported an injured person (53 year old M.Z) to the A. M. Edward Medical Center. During the explosion there was only one occupant in the dwelling.


Meanwhile, Police has conducted an investigation, in collaboration with the Forensics Department and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and Deputy Chief of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN), Jose Rosales were both updated on the incident. Following the investigation Police has released the dwelling. This means the residents of the home can once again enter the premises.