UP Party Submits Full Slate of Candidate Financials to Electoral Council.  First party to do so in Compliance with Electoral Rules & Regulations 

The United People’s (UP) Party on Wednesday submitted its full slate of candidate financials related to the past September 26 parliamentary election.  Treasurer of the UP Party Board Earl Wyatt submitted the candidate financials to the Electoral Council at 2.00pm.

The Electoral Council recently appealed to 118 out of 125 candidates (seven candidates had already done so) who had participated in the parliamentary elections to submit their donation registration list before the October 26, 2016 deadline.

Candidates who don’t comply accordingly are subject to sanctions for non-compliance of the National Ordinance, which includes the publication of their names in all mass media.

Elected members to Parliament would also not be able to take the oath of office to assume their position in Parliament if they fail to comply with the law.

The UP Party during the September 26 parliamentary election campaign, informed voters that the party would submit its candidate financials to the Electoral Council as a team rather than as individuals which was complied with on Wednesday afternoon.