Brown Pelican Sports Awards to take place in November

Once again, the Brown Pelican sports Awards is expected to take place on November 13th 2016 during the Sint Maarten’s day weekend.  The Awards will be honoring men, women and children who practice sports avidly and contributors to the development of sports in general.  This year the focus will be on the Legends of Football in the same way as honored legends of Baseball of last year.  On Monday October 24, 2016 the Department of Sports will be releasing the names of persons/Organizations who have been put forward by the different Sports Organizations for recognition in the various categories.  The Brown Pelican Awards will be highlighting the following categories: Best overall team, Best Sponsor, Best Coach, international ambassador, Best sport Organization, Sporting innovations, female and male athlete of the year, sports icons and best sporting school.  The venue this year will be at Port de Plaisance under the tent.  Tickets for this event will soon go on sale and the proceeds will go to the Male and Female athletes of the year.  Desmond Patterson (Body building) and Shakeeba Pink (track and field) were last year’s recipients of the awards and proceeds.