SCELL, The University of St. Martin’s School of Continuing Education & Life Long Learning supports Tourism with the launch of their new Heritage, Culture, & History Boot Camp.

The Two Day Boot Camp will be held on October 24 & 25th from 8:30am- 3:00pm both days and on November 9 & 10th.  The education-based Boot Camp will provide participants with cultural intelligence on the island’s historical landmarks, on both the Dutch & French side. Participants will learn impressive “facts” and intriguing history about the island’s culture and of surrounding islands.

SCELL Director, Dr. Natasha Gittens stated:  SCELL is convinced that the 2- Day Bootcamp will directly enhance the island’s Tourism.   In short, it will ensure that every member of the community interfacing with Tourism understands the beautiful heritage, history and culture of their motherland, which in turn will ensure a memorable experience for every guest, vacationer, tourist and traveler to the island. The biggest reward in my opinion is that tourists will want to revisit the island once they hear about all the marvelous activities, landmarks and cultural activities we offer and return for multiple visits. This is a win – win for the island and the vacationers.

Visitors and Tourists have indicated time and time again that they want to find out more about the foods of the country, learn about historical monuments, and understand the diverse melting pot of people that reside on the island from all over the world.  In addition, they are interested in the facts about our ongoing historical developments and triumphs.  However; we need to ensure that the information that is exchanged between the local community and the tourists are facts.  This means we are obligated to equip our ambassadors of Tourism, the St. Maarten people with the facts about the history of the beautiful island.

The Boot Camp will be facilitated by historians that have academic degrees, studied the history of the island extensively and reside on the island.  They will teach participants the “true facts” by engaging them in interactive discussions, introducing videos, films and books and fostering fun,  cooperative learning exercises  that will reach every learner (i.e. participant) at their individualized level of learning.   SCELL is fully committed to supporting the economic sustainability of the island and this is yet another approach to ensuring an important need is filled as we approach High Season, stated Gittens in a recent press release.

SCELL will also be offering additional Boot Camps in the month of October & November.  All Boot Camps are held from 8:30 am – 3:00pm, cost $ 399.00.

Business Writing Boot Camp, October  11 & 12, Management & Leadership, October 17 & 18th, Supervisory Boot Camp, October 18 & 19th,   , Professional Boot Camp, October 12 & 13th, Email Etiquette Boot Camp, October 20 & 21st,  ,  Culture, Heritage & History Boot Camp,  October 24 & 25th & November 9 & 10th , Time Management & Project Deadlines Boot Camp, October 27 & 28th.

For more information regarding Boot Camps, please contact Ms. Blyden @ Ja***************@us*.sx or call 543-3710 or 554-2437. Please visit the SCELL website @