Former LATP client Danica Deprovil shines at NAGICO

It has been over one year since Danica Deprovil (former Client under the Labor Affairs Training Program) joined NAGICO Insurances in the capacity of an Administrative Assistant; to the Chief Information Officer (C.I.O) and Executive Manager- I.T.  Since then she has shown outstanding performance in her work and as a result was recognized on Friday August 26th, 2016 during our staff gathering and received the “NAGICO Shining Star” for the I.T Department for the period April-June 2016!


The “NAGICO Shining Star” award, is a quarterly incentive program designed to give recognition to employees who adhere to the company’s rules and regulation and are outstanding in carrying out their duties. It also incentivizes those who go beyond their daily tasks to accomplish positive results. It is the NAGICO Way of encouraging the recipients to keep up the good work and motivate the others to aspire to become shining stars. This program applauds employees that go beyond their daily tasks for the company in their individual way.


Based on recommendations from the management team of the I.T. Department, Danica was chosen because she has consistently shown willingness to work extra hours to ensure that her tasks are completed, while maintaining a high level of professionalism and displaying good work ethics. She has been the main person responsible for the training of our I.T Support Specialist, who started in June of this year and who is developing very well under her guidance. Danica has also taken the initiative to improve her knowledge and skill set in the field of IT, where she is now sitting a few IT courses, through the NAGICO Training and Education Policy to better equip her to perform her duties in the department.


Within a short span of time Danica has made a positive impact within the organization and it is our hope that she will continue to “shine” throughout her career here at NAGICO.