Social & Health Insurances SZV recently hosted an information session for the board of the Sint Maarten Seniors and Pensioners Association, members of Home away from Home foundation and Meals on wheels foundation. SZV presented the operational roadmap of the departments Care procurement, Labor & Health, Medical referrals, Medical claims and Pension.

The session highlighted the correlation between the departments and the services of SZV independently and as a whole. The group was also briefed on various short and long term developments of SZV towards improving customer service, service offering and customer experience. This session allowed the group to get insight into the operations and directly ask related questions.

For SZV it was a valuable moment to engage directly with the group and get feedback keeping the pensioners and seniors in mind. SZV and the SMSPA have been hosting regular meetings to address seniors and pensioners concerns and review individual cases for over a year now.

The Seniors and Pensioners Association was represented by its board members: Raymond Jessurun, Frances Rovelet and Patricia Flanders. Ms Flanders also represented the Home Away from Home Foundation. The Meals on Wheels Foundation was represented by Ms Elaine Ellis and Ms Sheiila Bute.