Press Release from the Democratic Party of St. Maarten.

As we approach the final week before the September 26th election, it is important that the voters and all residents  of St. Maarten pay keen attention to the matters which conveniently surface again and those which are deliberately kept under wraps. 

At the DP’s district meeting on Friday, September 16th in Dutch Quarter (next to 

Mc Donald), the Democratic Party will seek to explain why the new hospital project (NHP) is being obstructed every step of the way and by whom; 

Why  this time around it is the landfill which has become the “political ping pong”; 

Why the merchants in Philipsburg are lead to believe that the economy is the sole domain of one individual; 

Why several MPs show no interest in moving forward with  the labor contract changes to eliminate the misuse against employees; 

Why some political parties are avoiding a code of conduct like the plague. 

Come and hear about these issues and more as the DP leader and candidates reflect on the past years and share their vision for the future.