STAT kicks off National Accounts Survey on September 12th

The Department of Statistics (STAT), announces the start of its annual National Accounts Survey. Data-collection gets underway today September 12th amongst a sample of business establishments and foundations operating on the island.
STAT is counting on the full participation of these entities, which form the main source of updated financial data for the department, during its yearly   assessment of economic performance. The survey provides relevant updates to developments within the Non-financial and Financial sectors specifically.
Companies and institutions with over 10 staff employed, are automatically selected in the sample each year, while a random sample is taken from those entities with 9 or fewer employees. Once approached, entities can expect to receive the Annual Report questionnaire which gathers data over their fiscal year ending in 2015.

The survey can be completed with the help of a STAT-interviewer, or directly or via email for those who receive the questionnaire digitally. Entities may opt to also provide STAT and/or the interviewer with a copy of their 2015 annual report & balance sheet to facilitate this process.
Eligible participants are reminded that compliance with the National Accounts Survey is mandatory by law. STAT is bound by this same law to treat all collected data in strict confidence.
The STAT team looks forward to collaborating with all relevant establishments during the survey period, which runs until January 2017. This will enable the department to report on national economic indicators such as the Gross Domestic Product.