Minister of Justice expresses concern

The Honorable Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo expresses his deepest concern regarding the recent criminal events which took place over the last few days and which unfortunately had some fatalities. The minister also extends sincere words of condolence to the families members of the deceased.

The minister is also assuring the entire community that all departments within the Justice Ministry and mainly the Police Department along with the Prosecutors Office and also the French authorities have been working tirelessly and very close with each other in these ongoing investigations.

Releasing any details at this time, the minister said, would be very detrimental to these investigations, which are in the very early stages. There are many rumors circulating regarding these incidents, nevertheless it is not in the benefit of these investigations to release any information at this time.

The minister is asking the community of Sint Maarten to cooperate with the authorities by granting them the opportunity to conduct in depth investigations and in doing so be able to take those responsible off the streets and to bring them to justice.

The minister finally stated that it is definitely unfortunate that these incidents happened and warned that anyone who uses this situation for any political reasons does not have the best interest of Country Sint Maarten at heart.