Tripartite Committee signs consensus and Labor Reform

The Labor Tripartite committee reached a milestone yesterday when they signed a consensus document on how to address the abuse of the short term labor contracts.  The Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labor Emil Lee said during the council of ministers press briefing that they have been working tirelessly on this.

“We have been in discussions about finding an agreement on how to address the abuse of the 6 month contract/short term contracts. Attached to that was discussions about far reaching concepts for Labor reform”.

The Tripartite Committee consists of representatives from the business community, Labor Unions, and government.

The Minister said that he is extremely proud of the end result, and that the product is a game changer for the country. “It will reignite our economy, give stability to the workers, and put upward pressure on salaries” said the Minister.

“Equally significant is the process. I’ve seen how the committees has evolved, how dialogues have been open,  and how there is a sense of trust between the social partners, and  unified vision in terms of what we want to accomplish. I’m proud to say that we have 100% unanimous agreement on the consensus document” said Minister Lee.