SMCU clarification and statement.

The smcu wants to make a clarification and a statement on the press release from the prime minister where Crporate Governance council was asked to make their position available.


The prime minister is assuming that members of the Corporate Governance Council have leaked information to the unions about the information sent to the him for the appointment of the CEO for Telem group.


According to the media his reason for the above is that SMCU made statements relating to the advice and Mr. Mingo when to the radio program to boast to be the most qualified candidate.


The clarification is that indeed the SMCU (union) made statement about the candidates and we also sent a press release about a resolution signed by 72 employees from Telem requesting for the vacancy for the CEO position to reopen and allowing the internal employees to apply for the CEO function


At no time did the we mention that the Corporate Governance council had given us any information or advice. The union has neither relationship nor any affiliation with the CGC. This solely the prime minister assumption.


Now that we know that the prime minister can work on assumptions the SMCU will like for the prime minister to work with the facts as well


The board of Telem should be minimum 5 members and they are three and one of them is the candidate for CEO which looks very alarming for the board members to become two. This means that as shareholders representatives of Telem group have should have already recruited new members to undergo screenings.


The other fact is the articles of incorporation of Telem group doesn’t correspondent with the names registered at the Chamber of Commerce.


The articles of incorporation indicate two statuary directors which are the CEO and the CFO but registered by the chamber are three statuary directors which are the CFO CCO and the CTO and there are no amendment made by a notary to the articles of incorporation by the chamber


These are the things that the prime minister has to look in to and request these people to make their positions vacant based on the irregularities on the above mentioned legal documentations.


This is the reason the union and its members are requesting to reopen the vacancy of the CEO function and release the current managing board from their responsibilities and appoint one CEO at interim. We need transparency. To the Corporate Governance Council we have never made any statement that we have obtain any information from you.