Acting Island Governor visits Public Prosecutor’s Office, St. Eustatius

During a recent visit of acting Island Governor Julian Woodley of St. Eustatius to the office of the Public Prosecutor, the Governor experienced firsthand how the citizens come in contact with the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Public Prosecutor’s Office BES has been working for some time on both Saba and St. Eustatius with a so-called front office . At the front offices there is an assistant present who can provide answers to questions that citizens or partner services have and also provide them with information needed.

If there is a question of a legal nature or people have another reason to speak to a Prosecutor or one of the other lawyers working on Bonaire from the Public Prosecution, the front office employee can make an appointment. That appointment can also be made by phone or email. Then the person who has requested the call can get into contact with any of the offices through an advanced conferencing system ( 3D video ) entering into a direct and confidential discussion with employees on Bonaire. On invitation of the chief public prosecutor, Acting Island Governor Woodley was able to see firsthand how the so-called 3D – video works. The Island Governor indicated that he was very impressed. The contact he had for this test with an employee on Bonaire was very realistic and looks nothing like for example a Skype contact or a call using a regular video conferencing system. Through the professional technology and the large screen it really creates the impression that the interlocutors are sitting opposite of each other. And that direct contact promotes communication . Mr. Woodley was also very positive about the fact that the conversation can be done confidentiality.