Hard Surficing of Dirt Roads

The Honorable Minister of VROMI, Angel Meyers, is launching another key project “hard surfacing of dirt roads”.

The Marigot Hill road (picture 2) is the first from a list of roads that will be hard surfaced in the upcoming months. The plan to upgrade Marigot Hill Road is very historical.  The Marigot Hill road used to be one of the main connections between St. Peters and Marigot. In the old days, the road was travelled by pedestrians and by carts.  Government is also planning to upgrade a section of Guaveberry Hill road which is one the last remaining dirt roads to be hard surfaced in St. Peters/ Marigot hill area.  The Minister expressed that within this project besides hard surfacing also drainage issues, if any, will be dealt with.

“The hard surfacing of dirt roads is a continuous program within my ministry and we expect that this will lead to the necessary upgrade and livability in the different neighborhoods”.

The roads selected for repair are in a weak state with pot holes due to excessive rain showers over some time.

Hard s., Min. M

The additional roads that will be hard surfaced is Guavaberry road- South Reward, Cassava road-South Reward, Beaver Drive – Cay Hill, Bay Leaf Drive – Cole Bay, Mount Scenery – Weymouth Hill and Pumpkin road – South Reward.

A tender was conducted in 2014 of which the selected roads were involved and the tender was won by Windward Roads.