Notary Meredith Boekhoudt chosen as Lecturer for “The Law Matters to You”

In preparation for the second lecture in the series: “The Law Matters To You” Civil Law Notary Mrs. Meredith M. Boekhoudt LL.M has been chosen by the Department of Communication (DCOMM) and University of St. Martin (USM) as the Keynote speaker.


The lectures in the series: “The Law Matters to You” are educational in nature and aimed at providing awareness of the law and legal information to the public of St. Maarten.


Meredith M. Boekhoudt LL.M. has been a civil law notary on Sint Maarten since 2006. At the time of her appointment as civil law notary, she had worked as a candidate-notary on Sint Maarten and before that in the Netherlands, each time for a period of four years.


As civil law notary, and previously as candidate-notary, she has assisted many persons with the drafting and execution of their last wills and testaments, and in general with any matters of estate planning.


Notary Meredith M. Boekhoudt holds a Master’s Degree in notarial law from the Leiden University in the Netherlands. She additionally obtained her certificate “professional education” provided by the “Stichting Beroepsopleiding Notariaat” in the Netherlands, and has followed several courses on the topic of family law with the emphasize on inheritance law. Only a few weeks ago she attended a four day course on the New Inheritance Law given by Prof. Dr. G. van der Burght.


She believes that providing information to the public by means of presentations on the topic of inheritance, and family law in general is very important, and she has therefore given different presentations over the years upon requests from amongst others service clubs, churches, and other associations.


Notary Meredith M. Boekhoudt is honored to have been chosen to be part of the lecture series “The Law Matters to You” on July 5, 2016. She will be speaking on the topic of wills, estate planning, and family law in general at the University of St. Martin in Room: 202 at 7:00 pm sharp.