LAB Sports Academy:

The Lab Sports Academy is a nonprofit Organization which caters towards keeping our youth off the street away from drugs, Alcohol  and other crime related activities. One more child off the street and into constructive programs such as the Lab Sports Academy has to offer, is one less delinquent.


To whom it concerns,


The Lab Sports Academy will be hosting its annual summer camp 2016.

We will be starting the program for Monday july 11th 2016.

This program will be for three weeks.


Ø  Location – Starting point:

Daily drop off  7:30 AM  & pickup Point.  5:00 PM.

Raoul Illidge Sports Complex Tennis Pavilion  upper site Emergency entrance hospital in cayhill.


Ø  Cost for participation:   70 US$  per Week per child.

Ø  Second child                          40 US$

Ø  Third Child                             25 US$

Ø  Fourth                                     Free with good behavior.


Very important:

Ø   respect.

Ø   take part in all events

Ø   have good behavior.

Ø  Drop off and pick up on time.



Please find attached a weekly program of activities to be hosted.

Should you have additional questions please contact.


Mr. Les Brown @ Phone 5279089 – 5879089.

E-Mail le*******@ya***.com