EPIC receives donation from Learning Unlimited Student Government

On Friday May 27, The Learning Unlimited Student Government presented Laura Bijnsdorp, environmental educator for Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) with a donation to be used towards the foundations EPIC environmental education program.


Learning Unlimited has been actively involved in EPIC’s free environmental education program, participating in various presentations and excursions that touch on topics such as global warming, importance of wetlands and environmental challenges.


The Learning Unlimited Student Government is compromised of students from grades 6 through 12. The President, Secretary and Treasurer are selected from the senior class. The council raises funds throughout the year through activities such as bake sales, food sales, car washes and events. The council selected EPIC to receive part of the proceeds because they want to play a role in helping preserve the local environment through EPIC.


Environmental Protection in the Caribbean would like to thank the faculty and students of Learning Unlimited for their hard work and their efforts to making a positive change to our island environment and community.