Shoot Hoops Not Guns Campaign Continues to Uplift Communities

St. Peters – Shoot Hoops Not Guns campaign continues to uplift communities as there was a rewarding weekend of community projects in St. Peters. After listening to the community’s dreams, projects were started around the Community Center, basketball court and nearby playground. The residents were pleading to have environments that are safe for their kids to play.  The youths of the vicinity took the lead as the areas were cleaned of debris, the grass was cut, trees pruned, donated plants from a community resident were planted around the playground with flower pots created from used tired. Gardening tools and cleaning supplies were provided by Robelto & Sons and Jazz General Construction. Signs were made from old pallets reminding the public to keep the surroundings clean. It was also arranged for the lights around the court and on the playground to be repaired immediately. The nets on the basketball rims were replaced by nets constructed by the children as part of the project and a garbage bin placed near the court.

A wall of the Rupert Maynard Community Center’s property facing the main road was painted with the slogan “We Love St. Peters” and smeared hand prints of the volunteers decorated the wall with paint donated from Kooyman and Sherwin Williams.

The areas were transformed in a weekend and shows how a unified community can achieve anything. The campaign concludes with an all-day event on May 28th; a 3 vs 3 basketball tournament and three-point shootout for the district residents for ages 12-17 and 18-26. There will be entertainment and activities for all ages. The residents of St. Peters are encouraged to come out and celebrate unity through community and support their athletes.