Minister receives documents of project “Building a nation”

On Friday May 20th during a meeting at the Ministry of Justice, the Sr. Project Manager of the Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Andrea Ortega presented the Minister of Justice the Honorable Edson Kirindongo with a copy of the project “Building a Nation: Sint Maarten National Development Plan and Institutional Strengthening” and preparation for upcoming high level national retreat in August 2016.”

A National Development Plan is important to set the direction for the strategic long-term development as a country.  It creates an implementation strategy that supports the kind of development Sint Maarten needs and which the citizens want.  The National Development Plan will cover a period of some 20 years with short, medium and long term strategies by which the public can hold the government accountable.

The NDP is intended to represent a new way of development planning for Sint Maarten.  It will involve ministries working within the context of development themes together with other stakeholders while implementing their mandates.

The goal of the meeting was to inform, prepare and get the commitment of the Secretary General and Minister of Justice to participate in the national retreat.