NIPA Hosts First Ever Staff Retreat

On Friday May 13th 2016, The AVE Board of NIPA, staff and department heads attended the First NIPA retreat under the title “Rebranding NIPA”

 Presentations on the strategic objectives of the were presented by the Chairperson of the NIPA board early in the morning and this was followed by several workshops on ” Professionalism in the NIPA workplace” and “Team building ” presented by Patricia Lourens , Interim Executive Director at NIPA, “Leadership skills” by Ms. Brenda Maynard, “Positivity in the workplace” by Kimberly Meyers and A Healthy You by Tasheena Maccow- Thomas. The attendees’ evaluation of the day was extremely positive and they look forward to have occasional professional development workshops in the form of a retreat, throughout the upcoming new academic year.