Police reacts to illegal use official police logo

On Tuesday May 17th the Police management team has been confronted with the issue that a poster designed by an unknown person or persons has been publicized on which the KPSM logo and a picture of a police vehicle are used as part of the promotion. This poster is a public invitation to join the promoters for a “Happy Hour” from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. at Casa Blanca every first Friday of every month in support “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”.

The police management team totally denies having any knowledge of, any involvement in the production of this poster and more over giving authorization to anyone, any business or businesses to use the official police logo as part of any type business promotion. The official police logo does not belong to any private entity, but is property of the government of Country Sint Maarten. This logo should not be used for other purposes than it is designed for, without the proper authorization.

The police management will be contacting the person or persons responsible for this promotional poster, to have it removed form the Internet and to explain the negative impact and negative consequences this promotion poster could have. The police force is prepared to take all legal actions against anyone who uses the police logo in an unlawful manner.