IMBRACE Group, under leadership of its CEO Jacqueline Louis, has been working over the past three (3) months on the Research and Development of the Study Financing Priority List of the Government of St. Maarten. Through this effort, IMBRACE is reviewing the business trends, labor market needs and the socio-economic implications, and will then correlate that data with the areas in demand for academic study and professional career development. This comprehensive approach to the research project serves to ensure that these areas of study are included within the Priority List of studies applicable for consideration of study financing, which, in turn, serves to prepare our youth with “PRO-tential” for future academic and professional opportunities.


Considering the importance of the participation of current and emerging businesses throughout St. Maarten, IMBRACE, through outreach efforts, has confirmed the support of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) in the research and development of the Study Financing Priority List of the Government of St. Maarten.

“We are pleased to work with IMBRACE towards enhancing the participation from the general business community,” states Claret Connor, Executive Director at the St. Maarten COCI. “It provides an opportunity for us to be able to measure the participation and returns directly relating to our youth and their fields of study, while reviewing what is needed for the ever-evolving business community needs. With this valuable information, our country can engage in preparing and implementing proper policies and procedures as they relate to the labor market while ensuring that the contributions made in the educational careers of our youth are done with the best possible returns on that investment, and reinvested back into St. Maarten’s ongoing development for the long-term.”

Through this partnership, the goal is to encourage more participation from the business community through various resources at the COCI. This involves online outreach through the availability of the Business Survey on the homepage of COCI’s website:, as well as through direct e-mails to COCI’s active database of businesses. In addition, posters, flyers and hard copies of printed surveys will be available at COCI’s Business Center, located in Philipsburg, to allow customers to review and participate at their convenience before, or after their transactions at the COCI.

Further, the Board of Directors of COCI will be engaged in a Focus Group to provide their direct input and insights into the research and development of the Priority List from their multi-disciplinary perspectives, and as such also, the future academic, business and career opportunities of aspiring professionals.


“I commend the support of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry, as this reflects their level of commitment to our future professionals, as well as the importance of the business community’s involvement in the research project,” shares Jacqueline Louis, CEO IMBRACE. Moreover, it will also provide reinforcement and motivation for other businesses to participate in the Priority List Research and Development, which requires more active involvement and input by the business community and diverse public/private industry professionals.”


Since February, 2016, IMBRACE, by commission of The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports, through the Division of Study Financing, has been in the process of conducting a research study throughout St. Maarten to determine the short-, medium, and long-term societal needs, as it pertains to the issuance of study financing. The goal of this study is to produce a 2017 Study Financing Priority List of studies, qualifications and professions which are aligned with St. Maarten’s economic and educational strategic plans.


All business owners, managers, associates and/or employees in both the private and public sectors are strongly urged to take advantage of the opportunity to complete the Business Surveys. The surveys are open and available to everyone online and can be accessed via COCI’s website, as listed above, or, as follows:

-Business/Professionals/ Labor Market Survey Link:


We are grateful for those individuals who have already provided vital input, and compel all community and business leaders/managers/ associates to take a few minutes to respond by completing the Business Survey. Your input is essential and has far-reaching implications as the future of the business community, and the academic development of our youth depend on it.


For further information, please contact Jacqueline Louis, CEO, IMBRACE at ja*************@ms*.com or (721) 581-7973.