Female beaten and stabbed

Detectives are presently investigating a serious case of ill-treatment during which a female victim was severely beaten and stabbed by a possible mentally challenged suspect. The incident occurred on Wednesday May 18th at approximately 05.30 p.m. on Tassel road in Zagersgut. According to witnesses the suspect attacked the female victim who had drove on to the premises for no apparent reason shortly after a dispute between him and another man living on the property.

The suspect ordered the victim to step out of her car which she refused. This is when the suspect physically attacked the victim pulling her out of the car, beating her in her face with his fist and stabbing her with a scissors in stomach. The victim was forced to the ground and the suspect jumped into her car and drove off. While driving on the property the suspect jump-out and fled the scene on foot through the nearby bushes. Several police patrols and Detectives came to the scene and searched the area to locate the suspect. The victim was treated on the scene and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further medical treatment.

The search for the suspect by police continued through the evening until approximately 09.30 p.m. when the suspect identified with the initial R. was arrested by police in Tassel Drive. He was taken the Philipsburg Police Head Quarters where he remains in custody for further investigation.

The victim in the meanwhile has been taken to the hospital on the French side for further medical treatment.