Customers give WEB a better evaluation

In March Unkobon, the Consumers Union of Bonaire, asked consumers to fill in an online survey and thus give their opinion about WEB as supplier of drinking water.  Consumers gave their opinion about WEB’s customer service and answered questions about occasionally high water bills, the policy related to disconnection of water supply and the quality of drinking water.
Customer Services. In 2014 we also held a survey about WEB. In both the 2014 and 2016 surveys we asked customers to give their opinions  about service, contactability and customer friendliness. It was possible to express ones’ opinion by giving a mark on a scale of one to ten (1=bad and 10=excellent). Below are the average results of both surveys:
Opinion concerning: 2014 2016 Service 5,2 6,6 Contactability 4,9 6,7 Customer Friendliness 5 6,6
During the last years WEB has initiated a cultural change. The table above clearly shows that WEB’s customers are aware of the cultural change and appreciate its results.
Occasional inexplicably high water bills   In the last two years a relatively high number of customers (38%) received an occasional high water bill. One of the possible causes might have been an incorrect meter readingdate, which caused a progressive monthly tariff to be applied to the usage during a period of more than 30-31 days. Ten percent of the respondents reported that they sometimes receive bills for 34 or more days of usage.  In October 2015 Unkobon raised this problem concerning occasional inexplicably high water bills. Consequently WEB has started an investigation into the possible causes and will publish the results in due course.
Disconnection policy A relatively large number of respondents (16%) have had their water supply cut off in the last two years. Only  3 respondents had received a notice of intent a few days in advance.
Quality Most respondents were very satisfied with the quality of the water. WEB’s average score was  7,5 for quality of the drinking water.
Unkobon’s Website  You can find the complete results of the survey on Unkobon’s website: