Deputy Prime Minister Richard Gibson delivers Opening Address at LeaderCast

On Friday May 6th, Deputy Prime Minister / Minister of Finance Richard Gibson delivered an Opening Address to the participants at the Leadercast Conference held at the Belair Community Center in Cay Hill.


The Opening Address

For the fourth consecutive year Victorious Living Foundation has hosted the simulcast on Sint Maarten for the worlds’ largest one day leadership conference, Leadercast Live. This in itself is an indication that Sint Maarten realizes the need for an event of this nature which will help to hone the leadership skills of the participants that will eventually transform our community positively.  The theme for this year’s Leadercast live conference, broadcast directly from Atlanta and beamed to hundreds of location worldwide is “Architects of Tomorrow”. For us on Sint Maarten,  this theme is of special relevance given the fact that we have embarked on a nation building process since we attained a new Constitutional Status on 10-10-10, a process that requires many qualified “Architects of Tomorrow”, today.


When we speak of an architect we usually have in mind someone who is innovative, creative and visionary; a person who can see far in the future, and galvanize all the human and other resources around him or to make that future a reality that benefits the entire community or even the world at large. According to the website of Leadercast, this year’s conference will focus 3 aspects / things that an “Architect of Tomorrow” must explore.

These three things are:

  1. The ability to see a preferred future,
  2. operate in the presence
  3. and utilize the resources around them to architect a clear path to a new destination.


That is what visionary leadership is all about. This, according to Leadercast, is the role of all  “Architects of Tomorrow”: to imagine a future that is rich and full of hope. A future where problems are solved, questions are answered and confusion gives way to clarity. Need I say more?


Sint Maarten needs leaders who will fulfill that role without fail, who will use their imagination in such a way to imagine a nation in which the full potential of all its residents would be realized and work relentlessly to achieve this.  I am sure this Leadercast Conference will unleash that creative genius in all its participants especially from Sint Maarten and inspire and stimulate them to design a new future for the island that will catapult us in to that place of hope and prosperity we all intuitively believe is our manifest destiny. Congratulations to Victorious Living Foundation for hosting this important event and success to all participants.