Armed robbery

The Special Robbery Unit is presently investigating and armed robbery which took place on Friday May 6th at approximately 12.50 p.m. at the “Sport Gallery” shoe store located opposite the last bus stop on Back Street. This is when an unknown man wearing a motorcycle helmet armed with pistol stormed in to the establishment with intention to commit a robbery.

The security guard on duty saw what was going and attacked the suspect who struck with the weapon to the back of his head. The security guard and suspect got into an altercation and the security guard managed to take the fire arm from the suspect. The suspect noticed that he was unsuccessful in his attempt fled the scene and jumped on a scooter along with another suspect that was waiting on him.

The suspects fled the scene; however the information regarding the suspects were immediately given to the Emergency Dispatch who sent police patrols the direction of Cole Bay where the suspects were seen.  The patrols chased the suspects through the Cole Bay area; however the suspects managed to get away leaving the scooter behind.

Several items involved in this case were confiscated by the Special Robbery Unit for further investigation.