Members of Dutch Senate delegation meet Saba residents

On Wednesday April 20th , 2016 residents of Saba talked to the members of the delegation of the Dutch Senate currently on a working visit to the territories of the Kingdom in the Caribbean. During a meeting held at Breadline Plaza, Saban residents shared their personal experiences, concerns, wishes and hopes for the future.


The 12 person Senate delegation and support staff also met with members of the legislative and administrative councils of the government of the Public Entity of Saba.

Leader of the Senate delegation, Ruard Ganzevoort, and delegation said that it is clear that each island is different. Therefore the concerns of the inhabitants of Saba were different from those on Bonaire, although there are some similarities.



On June 21st , 2016 a debate with the Dutch government will take place in the Senate about the meaning of the integration of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba in the Dutch government system. They will also debate the reaction of Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk, to the Spies Evaluation Report.