Questions to TEATT Minister on KITLV Survey and alleged fraud

President of Parliament MP Sarah Wescot-Williams has dispatched questions to TEATT Minister Ingrid Arrindell pertaining to the recently corroborated reports of fraud in the KITLV survey carried out on St. Maarten by “seasoned interviewers” hired as independent interviewers via the STAT department.

In her letter to the Minister, MP Wescot-Williams questioned what if any actions would be taken by the STAT department and whether it is STAT’s intention to revisit previous surveys done on St. Maarten by (some of) these interviewers, such as the population census or any other survey.

MP Wescot-Williams is of the opinion that at this stage it is important that St. Maarten too gets an indication of how persons view and feel about the new constitutional status.  “Such a survey should however be combined with other socio-political questions that can provide an impression of the general sentiments of the population” the MP stated.