Minister Jacobs attends Carnival Cultural Programs

The Minister ECYS Silveria Jacobs attended both cultural Carnival programs which took place over the weekend. The Calypso Elimination, which showcased the least amount of participants we’ve seen in years, brought out the usual crowd of supporters, proving that the general public continues to support Calypso as a mainstay of our cultural heritage in the celebration of Carnival. The Minister enjoyed the social commentary, musical and lyrical creativity of the calypsonians, which form part and parcel of Calypso, and were a major part of the entertainment for the appreciative crowd.

Minister was inspired by the youth and female participants, as several young up and coming calypsonians came out in full force as well as several females. Though not yet equal in numbers to men, the females proved that they could contend with the best.

The Road March competition was also held on Saturday night and Minister Jacobs also extends congratulations on behalf of the Government of St. Maarten to The Messenger, young Rumari Rogers, who retained his crown.  The Minister would like to see the SCDF focus more attention on the promotion of these Calypso and Road March competitions on both senior and junior levels in the interest of promotion of the longevity of our intangible cultural heritage. While Government also has plans to promote these art forms, the SCDF is charged with the development of Carnival and these form an integral part of our main cultural festival.

The Minister also extends congratulations to the delegates of the Teen, Senior and Mature Carnival Queen pageants who competed in the Interview/Debate competition held on Sunday at the Belair Community Center organized by Posh Productions. This new segment highlighted the intelligence and speaking ability of the delegates, while introducing the public to their personalities and their platforms. Much success is wished to all participants in all cultural competitions which will be held throughout the carnival season.

The general public is encouraged to support especially these cultural carnival programs which promote positivity, build self esteem and allow our participants to showcase their many talents and skills.