Fire destroys restaurant completely

At approximately 08.00 p.m. on Sunday April 3rd, the Emergency Dispatch Center received several phone calls informing them that the C-Lounge Restaurant located on the premises of Alegria Hotel in the Beacon Hill/ Maho Reef area was on fire and that the were possibilities that this fire expand. Immediately several police patrols, fire department were sent to the scene to investigate what had taken place. On the scene traffic had stopped going into and out of Beacon Hill in order for the fire department to carry out their work.

According to witnesses shortly before the fire started there was a very loud explosion coming from the direction of the C-Lounge Restaurant, which at the time was closed to the public. There was no-one in the building during the fire. What had caused the explosion is still unclear and will be investigated by the Forensic Department who were also notified along with the Detectives.

No one was injured during the fire which was quickly brought under control by the fire department. The fire however destroyed the entire inside of the building. The investigation is ongoing.