NIPA New Board Meet and Greet NIPA Staff

NIPA employees had the privilege of meeting the new Advanced Vocational Education (AVE) board. A meeting was arranged from 5.00 pm, to 6.30 pm followed by a meet and greet with some refreshments. The meeting started with the Chairman Mr. Antonio Aventurin, who gave a presentation followed by a round of questions and answers. The new board officially began on March 15th 2016 and made it one of their priorities to meet the staff, and inform them of everything they have been busy with thus far. Employees were delighted by the open conversation and transparency that took place during the meeting and they were particularly excited about the question and answer segment, in which they were able to share some of their concerns. The meeting ended on a positive note followed by a lighthearted meet and greet where board members and staff were able to interact in a more informal setting. Some of the points the board made clear during the meeting is their willingness to work with staff and get the institute to the level the island needs it to be. Employees also voiced their love and dedication to the success of the institute. The new board consist of the following members who have the following positions and represent the following entities: Chairman: Antonio Aventurin; Ministry of Education Culture Youth and Sports, Vice-Chairman: Peggy-Ann Dros Richardson; Ministry of VSA (Public Health, Social development and Labour), Secretary: Annuska Illis-Friday; Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer: Travis McQuilken; Windward Islands Chamber of Labour Unions , Board member: Van Dyke Bell;Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education (FAVE) , Board member :Wilhelmus de Visser; Stichting tot Bevordering van het Voortgezet Onderwijs Bovenwindse Eilanden (SVOBE) and : Board member: Peggy Ann Brandon; Chamber of Commerce. On that same evening NIPA staff was notified that checks were ready for pick up, which is the earliest staff, has been paid since the commencement of the institute. The future of NIPA appears to be bright as the new board has only been in existence for a week, and have “hit the ground running” to ensure that NIPA becomes the success it is meant to be.