MP Marlin-Romeo seeks immediate input of Minister of Justice on Insurances for Police Officers

The President of Parliament Sarah Wescott Williams received a letter from Independent Member of Parliament Leona Marlin-Romeo on Friday, March 18, 2016, to be immediately forwarded to the Minister of Justice.


The Member of Parliament stated during the budget debate and in a letter to the President that further amendments will be sent to the Government for changes in the budget of 2016. 


In preparation for such the Independent Member of Parliament requested an immediate response from the Minister of Justice regarding the following;


1.      What is the total amount of uniformed men and women that is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice?


2.      What is the status of the purchasing of a Life insurance for the police officers?


3.      Does the request for a life insurance include a disability insurance for the police officers?


4.      Have the minister conducted research on how it was possible for the Fire Department to have a life insurance and if the police force could also have the same or if that same policy could be amended to add the uniformed officers?


The protection of Sint Maarten’s uniformed men and women and their families must be prioritized and the Member of Parliament is hoping that the request for the information and responses to the queries be immediately given so that further work can be done on the amendment to include the establishment of an Educational Fund, Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Leona Marlin-Romeo said in a press statement on Sunday.