Labour Inspection publishes factsheet and a leaflet about the inspection project ‘Domestic workers’

At the end of last year, Senior Inspector at the Labor Inspection Leo de Jong presented the so-called factsheet of the inspection project “Domestic workers” to Kingdom Representative Gilbert Isabella. The fact sheet reports on the Labor Inspection’s findings. During 30 inspections it was investigated whether (1) housing was appropriate, (2) workers were paid the agreed wages, and (3) working hours were not too long. The outcomes of the inspections are described in the fact sheet.


Based on the results, several recommendations were made as well. One of the recommendations was to improve the information provision to both the people who hire a domestic worker and to the domestic workers themselves. As a first step towards achieving this objective, a brochure was published in four languages. This brochure was also presented to the Kingdom Representative. The fact sheet is a record of the Labor Inspection’s first inspection project. Doing more inspections of a similar nature as part of an inspection project will provide additional policy information that can be used to bring out improvements.


You can find the factsheet and folder in four languages at the SZW office or on: