Model objection circulation Unkobon

End of January 2016, many people incorrectly attacks Motor vehicle tax (MRB) received from the local government in Bonaire (OLB). Unkobon regrets that many car owners are saddled with a problem that could dissolve the government. It is now for owners of motor vehicles to serve in nothing have received an incorrect attack on one objection. To help people Unkobon has put a model objection on its website. Unkobon has had discussions with the Provincial Executive Clark Abraham and those of the Finance Department OLB. Unkobon has indicated that it is impossible for taxpayers to prove in writing that their vehicle does not run on diesel. Therefore OLB asked to rule on appeals in accordance with the information provided. Unkobon advises people not to provide false information to the government. People who provide false information leading to a low attack risk a fine of up to $ 2800 (Article 18 of the Motor Vehicle Tax Regulation 2011). The objection to the annexes may be submitted to the Finance Department of OLB (NB take a copy and ask to sign a receipt). Another option is to e-mail a scan of the signed form and supporting documents attached to Unkobon recommends the appropriate amount that you owe, pay on time.