Robbery at bank in Philipsburg

On Friday, February 5th just before 11.00 a.m. a phone call came into the Emergency Dispatch Center informing them of a robbery which took place shortly before at the Scotia Bank located on the Back Street/Cannegieter Street in Philipsburg. The information received was that an unknown man had walked into the bank and handed one of the tellers a note in which he demanded money.

It is unclear if the suspect was in the possession of a weapon or not.  The information in the note also was that an explosive device was placed in the vicinity of the bank. At one point the teller handed the suspect an undisclosed amount of cash and the suspect then left bank not drawing any attention to him self.

After the suspect left the bank the police was immediately informed and numerous patrols and detectives were sent to investigate was had taken place. The bank was immediately evacuated and a search for the explosive device was done, but nothing was found.

Members of the Special Robbery Unit Immediately started their investigation by talking to potential witnesses and gathering other information. The investigation is in its preliminary stages and more details or information is unavailable at present.

The police department however is making an appeal to the general public to assist in giving information in connection with this investigation. The numbers to call are # 9300 or 54-22222. The information that is giving might just be what the investigators are looking for to bring those responsible for the criminal act to justice.